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Services to Healthcare


At Emerge, we understand the challenges that the NHS is facing in these uncertain times. The global economic climate, coupled with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, is placing additional stress on the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the need to integrate new policies and strategies is creating a pressing demand for leadership and management training, as well as soft skills development, to help the NHS navigate these complex times. Our tailored training programs provide NHS professionals with the tools they need to develop effective leadership and management strategies, build resilience, and enhance their soft skills, ultimately helping them to deliver better patient outcomes.

Services we offer to healthcare organisations

1. Introduction to Effective Management in the NHS

Welcome to the Introduction to Management course for NHS staff! In this one-day course, you will learn the fundamentals of effective management in the NHS. Through a combination of engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead your team with confidence.

Course Outline:

  1. Understanding Management in the NHS:

    • Introduction to management and leadership

    • Understanding the role of managers in the NHS

    • Exploring the challenges and opportunities of management in the NHS

  2. Essential Management Skills:

    • Effective communication for managers

    • Understanding and managing conflict

    • Time management and prioritisation

    • Building and leading effective teams

  3. Financial Management:

    • Understanding financial management in the NHS

    • Budgeting and financial planning

    • Key financial principles and metrics

  4. Performance Management:

    • Setting goals and expectations

    • Measuring and tracking performance

    • Providing feedback and coaching


By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid understanding of the key principles of management in the NHS, and be equipped with the practical skills needed to lead and manage your team more effectively.

Who is this for?


This course is ideal for new and aspiring managers in the NHS who want to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective leader. It is also suitable for current managers who want to refresh their understanding and improve their management approach.

Course Outcomes:


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of effective management in the NHS

  • Identify and develop key skills required for effective leadership in the healthcare industry

  • Develop the ability to effectively communicate with team members, peers and superiors

  • Learn how to delegate tasks, set goals, and manage performance to achieve results

  • Understand the importance of employee motivation, and learn techniques to inspire and engage team members

  • Develop an understanding of how to manage and resolve conflicts in the workplace

  • Learn techniques to manage change and promote innovation within the NHS.

Other courses available for organisations in  the Healthcare Sector

  1. Effective People Management: In this workshop, we will cover problem-solving skills and working smarter, not harder, in the face of multiple tasks. We will also introduce the concept of reflective practice and encourage good self-care practices as part of effective people management.

  2. Soft Skills for Leaders: In this workshop, we will cover building trust and respect as a leader or manager, and avoiding being doubted or dismissed. We will also include a personality assessment to help managers understand their own leadership style and how to be more effective.

  3. Developing High-Performing Teams: In this workshop, we will cover the importance of identifying the most important barriers or opportunities, and developing strategies to address them. We will also introduce the concept of 360-degree feedback loop as a part of team development and reflective practice.

  4. Leading with Emotional Intelligence: In this workshop, we will explore the importance of managing one's own emotions and well-being, as well as developing empathy and emotional intelligence to improve leadership effectiveness.

  5. Leadership for Change: In this workshop, we will cover the importance of strategic thinking and visioning, as well as developing problem-solving skills to navigate change effectively.

In addition, we will still offer customised workshops to meet the specific needs of different teams or departments within the NHS. These customised workshops can cover any of the above elements, as well as any other topics that are identified as areas of concern or improvement.


The workshops will be delivered both in-person and online, and will be facilitated by experienced leadership trainers. Participants can choose to attend the set workshops in-person or online, based on their individual preferences and circumstances. The customised workshops will be delivered in-person, to allow for more targeted and interactive training.

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