From the Postcode to the Globe Mentoring Programme

About the Programme

PCTG mentoring programme has been designed to address the needs of young people who demonstrate attitudes, thinking and behaviours that present barriers to achievement and attainment, and live or spend time in an environment that doesn’t support high aspirations. It is built around the best selling book ‘From The Postcode To The Globe’, developing the attitudes, thinking and behaviours essential for success in any area of life.

The Programme seeks to raise aspiration and achievement through building belief, increasing intrinsic motivation to learn and improving the learner’s capacity to make the most of opportunities, realise potential and attain the level of progress expected.

The programme enables participants to take responsibility, build a positive attitude and self-belief, develop a growth mindset, set goals and become more self-empowered learners. Most importantly, it improves learners’ abilities to manage themselves and relationships more effectively to make the most of educational opportunities.

Topics covered include
1. Choosing the right friends.
2. Relating to authority.
3. Taking responsibility.
4. Resilience.
5. Respect.
6. Goal setting.
7. Communication skills.
8. Self-esteem.
9. Identity.
10. Positive mental attitude.
11. Leadership
12. Managing stress
13. Conflict resolution
14. Self leadership
15. Anger Management
16. Boundaries
17. Discovering your gifts and talents


Colmers School and 6th Form

Emerge Leadership Teacher Testimonial

Emerge Leadership has had a significant impact on a group of boys at Colmers. Some of these students had low self-esteem, attendance, attainment and aspirations. However, taking part in this programme has seen their confidence, self-belief and goal setting improve as a consequence. The work that Errol and his dedicated, engaging team have had on these students is second to none. Students have reported that they have clarity of the importance of education. They have also commented about the development in their confidence and public speaking. The team were very highly engaging, not only with students, but also with their parents. Their range of activities for the students meant that they were continually challenged and student’s attendance on the days that Emerge were in was outstanding. I would not think twice about utilising the skills and expertise of Emerge Leadership again. I cannot wait to get them involved with another group of students soon. I highly recommend them.

Donna Hodgson

Assistant Head Teacher

Student feedback from Colmers School and 6th Form

100% of students stated that they are a more positive thinker
100% of students stated that they are more confident in their abilities Feel more motivated to succeed.
100% of students stated that they are students highlighted that they recognise the importance of leadership skills and that they have a clear goal for their future.

E-Act Academies Trust

Thank you, Errol, for your amazing work with our academies. Working with Errol was an absolute pleasure, he was flexible in meeting our requirements and desired outcomes for the project. Errol’s motivational and engaging approach enabled pupils and staff to be reflective upon themselves through thought provoking and practical activities. Some important messages shared which can resonate for everyone.

Alison Quinn

Regional SEND Co-ordinator

Shenley Academy

A huge thank you to you and your team for the great work you’ve put in here at Shenley this year – let’s talk soon in terms of future planning!!
I first heard Errol speak earlier in the year at a whole-staff training session when it became eminently clear of his ability to inspire and enthuse! He has since delivered a number of whole-year group assemblies, been guest speaker at our inaugural Careers Fair and worked closely with his team of mentors and a small group of our students through the Emerge Leadership programme.  Based on first-hand experience and the feedback received from our students and staff I have no doubt in my mind that Errol and his team connect brilliantly with people of all ages and have a unique ability to light a spark of positivity that promotes self-belief and future success.
Kind regards

Ian Horgan

Assistant Head At Shenley Academy

For more info and for prices please mail or call +44(0)330 1005278

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