Instead of thinking outside the box take away the box”

This is the mantra of motivational entrepreneur Nathan Dennis, founder of First Class Legacy a social enterprise that acts as a bridge between the local community & young people for Private companies, Public  sector organisations &  Charities.

Entrepreneur, Motivational & Business Speaker, Proud Husband & Father of 4 beautiful Daughters, Nathan strongly believes that young people should be encouraged to dream big and aim high.

Nathan delivers educational and motivational programmes devised to empower, excite and transform the lives of young people aged between 13 and 18 in the inner city school system.  If you are looking for a speaker to motivate and transform the lives of your students and get them fired up about their future Nathan is your man.

Through his interactive motivational talks and workshops he seeks to nurture this potential. He has his audiences hanging on his every word, creatively weaving our BE EXCEPTIONAL message into his own personal story, sharing positive honest & uplifting messages to enable the young people to grow and exceed all expectations.

Nathan Dennis says:
‘I want young people especially from inner city communities to know that no dream is too big to be successful no matter where you come from, there are  many young people with major potential but through circumstances outside of their control they are unable to actualise it”.

“I am a living testimony of what can be achieved through determination, faith and empowerment. I understand the challenges and temptations that our young people face. I want to use my own experience to inspire others. If I can turn my life around for the better, anyone can.” Tom Wilson Womens Jersey