About Us

Since 2010 our vision has been to develop selfless, socially conscious and competent leaders in Education and in business across the UK and around the world. More than 70,000 school and university students and more than 1000 teachers and leaders have been through our coaching and training programmers in the last 7 years. We are led by a team of award winning entrepreneurs that are passionate about equipping individuals and their organisations to thrive in the pursuit of their goals.

EMERGE is a leadership development company with offices in both the UK and Ghana.
We provide solid and helpful content delivered in an entertaining style that enables the leaders in your organisation to grow in confidence, clarity and competence.

The Emerge approach to leadership development is based upon our extensive research into organisational culture and what it takes for individuals to become effective, high performing, influential leaders. Along with the over 100 combined years of experience the team have of training and developing leaders internationally.

Our Story


Emerge Leadership in both the UK and Ghana. We provide solid and helpful content delivered in an entertaining style that enables your emerging leaders to grow in confidence.

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Why choose us

Our experience

Our team have over 100 years of combined experience in training and developing leaders and young people.

Our attention to detail

We believe that the little things do count. We strive to provide the kind of experience for our clients that causes them to want to tell everyone what an amazing time they had working with us.

Our approach

Our approach to delivering all of our services is client centred. We are known for being able to connect with our end users in ways that not many others can. What matters to us is that you get the results that are important to you.

Our ability to bring about real transformation

We are known for enabling our clients to get the kind of transformations that result in improved productivity, better academic results and an increase in profits.

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Our Team


Errol Lawson


Errol Lawson is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be achievers and leaders. Read More


Naomi Adjepong

Co Founder of Emerge Leadership

Naomi Adjepong is the operations manager at Alpha Beta School, A family owned business, and a strategic planning of the school. Read More


Nathan Dennis

Motivational Entrepreneur

Nathan delivers educational and motivational programmes, the lives of young people aged between 13 and 18 in the inner city school system. Read More


Catherine Labinjo

Excellence Coach

Catherine is ‘Excellence Coach’ she uses her ability to reach out the audiences to motivate and Inspire them and personal coach. Read More


Debbie Huxton

Exceptional Coach Speaker and Trainer

Debbie has more than thirty years of experience as a Chef, Army wife, Emergency Nurse, Mom and business owner. Read More

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